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Learn to drive QLD driving Test

Driving lesson prices

Prices include pick up and drop off, get picked up from home and dropped off at work or school.

A 1 hour lesson from an accredited driving instructor count as 3 hours in

a long book, up to a maximum of 10 hours = 30 hours in the logbook.

Single lessons

1 hour lesson $50 (3 hrs in your log book)

1Ĺ hour lesson $70 (4Ĺ hrs in your log book)

2 hour lesson $90 (6 hrs in you logbook)

4 hour lesson $160 (only $40 per hour, 12 hrs in your log book)

Covers highway and town driving plus the essential manoeuvres and skills needed for your QLD Driving Test.

A great way to give your hours a boost or get ready for that driving test you are taking soon!

Driving test and preparation

Most students like to use the driving school car to take their test and will normally have a preparation lesson immediately before to practice the manoeuvres and skills most important for the test and to run through what to expect.

Current students

1 hour preparation and test $100

2 hour preparation and test $140

Never had lessons with Drive888

1 hour preparation and test $120

2 hour preparation and test $160

These links will give you the information you need to get your learners licence.
Moving on - information on provisional licence
0402 086 555

"I just wanted to say thank you Simon!! I was so nervous about learning to drive but after lessons with Simon Iím full of confidence and look for every opportunity to drive that I can find."  

"I had not had very good experiences with a couple of driving instructors and was almost ready to give up on my dream of a driving licence, luckily  I found Simon of Drive 888, so patient and calm, and able to explain things in a simple to understand way. Thank you again."

"I had a few lessons with another instructor but he seemed to lose track of what he had taught me and what he said we needed to work on all the time, someone recommend Simon at Drive 888 and am so happy they did, he has a very professional approach, records my progress each lesson and even makes notes of my comments so we donít waste any time at the start of the next lesson. "

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